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A skilled and versatile writer with business-to-business (B2B) and consumer (B2C) communications experience. Expert at developing brand, marketing, and communications programs and processes. Quickly synthesizes brand expression and customer needs into precise positioning and messaging. Translates complex information into engaging, informative, and actionable communication. Proven success launching new products and services. Delivers interactive and traditional media: advertising, articles, brochures, case studies, data sheets, demos, manuals, presentations, sales tools, social media, strategy, value propositions, Web sites, and white papers.


Cambridge Information Group/ProQuest/Serials Solutions Seattle, WA (2006–2010)
Product Marketing Manager

  • Led brand, communications, and marketing programs to help drive Serials Solutions from $7 million to $40 million.
  • Produced a new brand strategy, developed new brands, and created new positioning and messaging for the company and its services to more effectively communicate differentiation and value in the market, improve cross-selling and upselling of services, and increase sales.
  • Produced new marketing campaigns and programs that exploited competitive advantages to generate more leads.
  • Productized a strategic asset of the company – its knowledgebase – to enhance the brand and product strategies.
  • Developed go-to-market programs for all new brands, products, features, and enhancements.
  • Developed a Sales Arsenal to support sales and marketing efforts worldwide.
  • Evangelized a key technology advantage (SaaS) and a new business category (ERAMS) that have been adopted and echoed by the market.

Microsoft [Aditi Technologies] Redmond, WA (2005–2006)
Product Marketing Manager, Office Small Business Group

  • Developed product positioning and messaging frameworks and produced marketing communications for beta and market launches of Microsoft Office Small Business 2007, Office Professional 2007, Outlook 2007 with Business Contact Manager, Office Publisher 2007, and Office Small Business Accounting.
  • Developed, reviewed, and approved marketing and sales content for print and Web publication.
  • Editor for “Office Your Way” book included with the packaging for the small business suites.
    Managed vendors and employees to maintain schedules and quality.

AOL Seattle, WA (1999–2005)
Principal Writer and Manager, Product Communications Group, AOL Mobile (2000-2004)
Technical Marketing Communications Manager, Tegic Communications (1999-2000)

  • Helped move Tegic Communications from startup to acquisition by America Online to $110 million revenues as part of AOL Time Warner.
  • Managed product communication – including Web design and Web development – for AOL Mobile, AIM Mobile, AOL Mobile Mail, and T9® Text Input software, now in use on 100’s of millions of mobile phones worldwide.
  • Managed ten employees and contractors in three states that integrated writing, design, and Web development.
  • Managed budgets, contracts, and workflow with internal customers and vendors.
  • Wrote the first white paper on “wireless instant messaging” that helped create a new market in telecom.
  • Prototyped a Web-based interface for over-the-air programming of mobile instant messaging that became a strategic initiative, and then managed several product lifecycles.
  • Developed a new product branding system for AOL Mobile.
  • Directed creative design for ads, logos, and brand elements on mobile devices.
  • Managed creative development of new product concepts for product managers and designers.
  • Managed product localization in over 20 languages for OEM implementations of mobile products.
  • Produced technical communications for a global audience of mobile phone manufacturers and service providers.
  • Introduced new processes for developing product communications, Web sites, and Software
  • Development Kits (SDK); also defined a new “Client Certification Kit” for OEM developers.
  • Consulted to product managers and design teams for development of new software technologies.
  • Coordinated consumer communications with AOL corporate and partners including AT&T Wireless, Nokia, Samsung, Sprint, T-Mobile, and Voicestream.

Freelance Writer Seattle, WA (1993–2000)

  • Author, editor, and writer for Que/Macmillan, Hayden/Macmillan, Microsoft, Breakwater Technologies, Chemithon, Prezant, KGM, Eastside Harley-Davidson, The Cummings Group, Larsen Equipment Design, Travis Design, and Helix Design.


  • The Boeing Company (Web Manager)
  • Agency One (Marketing Director)
  • The SOFTA Group (Marketing Director)
  • Execucom Systems (Media Manager, Technical Writer)
  • Kors Marlar Savage (Associate)
  • Booz Allen and Hamilton (Research Associate)


  • American Institute of Indian Studies, Varanasi - Hindi and Tibetan Language and Literature (self study).
  • The University of Texas at Austin - Chinese Language and Literature (undergraduate and graduate level).
  • Ohio State University - Chinese Language (undergraduate level).


Branding, Positioning and Messaging, Marketing

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Technical Writing

  • "Platinum Edition Using Microsoft Office 2000," Que Corporation/Macmillan, Indianapolis, IN, 1999.
  • "Word for Windows with Arabic Language Support," Microsoft, Redmond, WA, 1993.
  • "Word for Windows with Hebrew Language Support," Microsoft, Redmond, WA, 1993.

Web Writing

  • www.serialssolutions.com, Serials Solutions, Seattle, WA, 2007-2010.
  • www.office.microsoft.com, Office Small Business 2007, Microsoft, Redmond, WA, 2005-2006.
  • www.aolmobile.com, www.aimmobile.com, AOL, Dulles, VA and Seattle, WA, 2000-2004.
  • www.t9.com, T9 Text Input, Tegic Communications, Seattle, WA, 1999-2004.
  • www.reachingout.com, The Boeing Company and State of Washington, Tukwila, WA, 1999.
  • The Career Explorer (intranet only), IAM-Boeing Joint Programs, Tukwila, WA, 1997-1999.
  • www.iam-boeing.com, IAM-Boeing Joint Programs, Tukwila, WA, 1997-1999.

White Papers

  • “E-Resource Access and Management Services,” Serials Solutions, Seattle, WA, 2006.
  • "Mobile IM Services for SMS Networks," AOL Technologies, Seattle, WA, 2003.
  • “Simple Wireless Instant Messaging featuring ICQ for SMS and T9 Text Input," AOL, Seattle, WA, 2000.
  • "Wireless Instant Messaging," Tegic Communications, Seattle, WA, 1999.


  • President, Cobrizo Homeowners Association (2003-2004)
  • “Designing for the Scent of Information” seminar, User Interface Engineering (2004)
  • Senior Panelist, National Skills Standards Board, “Information & Communication Technology Skill Standards Project,” Occupational Technical Knowledge Review (2002)
  • Panelist, National Skills Standards Board, “Information & Communications Technology Skill Standards Project,” Technical Writer Performance Indicators Review (2002)
  • Speaker, “Communications for Mobile Devices,” Society for Technical Communications National Convention (2001)
  • “WML Developer Workshop,” Openwave University (2001)
  • “Mastering Web Application Development Using Microsoft Visual InterDev,” ARIS (1999)
  • Senior Member, Society for Technical Communications (STC)
  • Member, Washington Technology Industry Association (WTIA)
  • Member, Interntational Association of Business Communications (IABC)