bodies copulate       
in the fire and heat         
of the ruins       




vowels for prayer

syllabic speech

milk teeth

sun hits blood

cock rises hard



i could fall in love with you

this time of night


the ferry runs late

and you're glad


you'd rather make it

than sleep on the dock



that damned cowboy

singing on the road again


twisting away

with a slow spin


we were gonna leave

and never did



fine white sand

blue fountains and

a faux lagoon


salt breeze

rolls cool through

the open glass


over the surf

our spirits



our bodies ride

hard into



and with love

comes the




fine night

at Fountainbleau


with you and

some good weed


my portable and

a beach suite


solid glass walls

to breakers


drinking Bombay

at Warsaw



your first real boyfriend

after we married

and I went to Colorado


after dan one night

and i returned and

took you to California


we went to Chicago and

your first jonathan livingston

someone or other


and i had

fat-breasted jo

and her boyfriend, mark




& skip


you didn't like



i loved




as much as you almost


wch is why you shredded

her postcard, a naim june paik


a burning heap of televisions

and a speeding dragster


stupid to have lost her

and skippy in the clouds



all families are dysfunctional

in different ways

some fuse nuclear bombs

detonating an over-brilliant witch

who knows two thousand plants

how to camp, chop wood, haul water

cook and feed the animals

but can't stay sane long enough

to remember being happy

what they did you can't undo

for her



glory holes of Austin

peep shows on Clark & Rush

Times Square at 42nd

the smell of cum and chlorine

in a 25 cent theatre


First Amendment




bad snow

too drunk


took your

numb carcass


carved maps

for the dead



bad snow

too drunk


took your

numb carcass


home in a cab

five bucks


& kissed

your numb lips


hobbled you to the door

& left you inside



and I


went home

on the El



i walked into the kitchen

and time stood still


bodies worrying

the meal together


your gaze and mine




how you hooked

whatever you set

your sights on



insane acts

of devotion


& destruction


(the tower

was never

high enough)



the fire

and sun


light breathing

warmth into day


you made coffee

and chapatis


on a coal stove

and we were happy



weren't we



watching K2



before the





the sky

& peak



not caring to

not knowing to care to


be numb

as it


was and ever shall




w/o end






it is commonly held

men and women speak different tongues


children too speak their own

each generation forming its codes


each passing year

words disappear from our language


and the language of love too

comes to leave us


an organic collection of characters

we grow with


or without

our speaking



gracefully lost

the "poems"

I wrote

after the divorce

a cruel joke

the remembered half-dream

of our other past-lives

won't take root

in my "vita nuovo"




all you want


the coal black lump in your heart

leaves a hole in the universe


only you can fill

only you


the dead

are dead


and the future

is yours


to enjoy

if you will


I will



did i luv him

"in the poem"

the spiritual etch-a-sketched in soul's



poems are the wave of the future          

in the future everyone will speak poems          

more than words         


messy but effective

smashing the ice

making the massif budge

love the rose

as it grows

and spills



for June


an eternity of

wolf, bear, eagle






they speak when we Listen

they appear when we See



Burning Fields

monster Navistars

turn twenty rows

at death defying angles

under headlight

the Palouse night

Moscow to Lewiston

rolling hills a patchwork

of tan and darker brown

and growing blackness


long outlines of flame

snake through the fields

smoke hangs

large purple plumes

that tower like mountains

towards the stars


only fire

sparks the seeds

they say, only burning

germs the bluegrass


from the ridgetop

city lights erupt

like sparks

from the burns


and the stack at Potlatch

Paper spews

coal black

smoke shadows the moon

where the Clearwater

and Snake converge

in Hell’s



Sacred Grove of Ancient Cedars

White Buffalo Calf

and Lightning Serpent


a clear creek



through the grove

of sacred cedars


ancient pilgrimage

of Shoshone


gathering bark

and making love


among the ferns

hidden from the trail



hot and dirty


old cedar

bridges the creek


to ancient grove’s

holy heights


wet moss and leaves

massive roots and stumps


when White Buffalo Cow left

Lightning Serpent


the sky turned electric

and he sought refuge


in the cedars and their elk

clattering on the rocks


in the night



Call Home

you want me to tell you

what this feels like

you want to know

how I am

“how are you really?”

but you know

I don’t know


I haven’t been alive

I don’t eat I hardly breathe

I drink and drink

my heart barely beating

in a pool of blood and feces


you tried to mend me

once, patiently

at first and

then in a rush

and you did

too fast . . .

without your hands

to hold me together

I fall further

and harder

than before


more sinew

more bone

more glue


but without

your hands

I leak




when I returned

our skies collided

orange and red

purple clouds circled

and then dark

overtook the night

lightning crashed

where we had stood

electricity sizzled

in the air




it was hard to know

where we were

with each other

starting that last dance

I thought I should leave

I didn’t belong there yet




we made the flowers


we made the seasons




fill the jug

batteries for the lamp

books, baskets for India

Feather lies still

at the open door

but her nose

twitches north


we came from separate worlds,

our being, and lack of being,

together; two realms,

not in contradiction,



how much of you

I don’t and will never know

how could I undertand

your past anymore

than my own

or our future


but I will always


your hands




what were you dreaming

when you wove your web

sinews sparkling

with jewels of dew

once we enmeshed

in your golden strands

you blinked

I got loose

and flew




you took the talismans

you needed

and left me bones

beads, feathers and sinew

tanned hides of deer and elk

some dark red felt


I wish I could have loved you

perfectly and you could trust

my fractured heart

more than your own

to be true




and as I opened

to absorb

you withdrew




the slightest motion

sets off series of memories

each move starting new waves

moving more through the infinite

space and energy

we recognize

as time and event


when did you,

if you ever did,

know that all I want

to do

is forget


when all you want to do

is forget

all you want to do

is die

and lose all those memories

we keep needing to make


there is no denying

the existence of things

any more than the infinite


we are temporary news

burning ourselves

into the black sun


all is change




together we were strong

not stronger than ourselves

not strong enough




we brought the skies together

we walked on the sand and you sat

on a large log

to tremble


to pass through the barrier

I pursued you through and

you passed beyond


where was it you said

I don’t remember anything




when I was your girl

and you were my boy

we were the happiest people alive


we played roles

defined by our souls


but when people

defy and define

our souls

they deform

our roles

to meet

their perceptions



Wet Moon

whose tears salt the beach grass

whose fears tremble in the night

whose eyes shatter in the wind

whose mind opens to the sky




we rode this ride

in a brighter light

when days were long

and the nights were wild

now I ride this road

on shorter days

when the nights are cold

and alone





the dead fuck

islands swim


skies collapse

without reason








Copyright 1995 by Richard Bodien, Seattle, Washington.
Copyright 1998 by Richard Bodien, Seattle, Washington.

Updated January 08, 1999