The Boeing Company - IAM/Boeing Joint Programs -

The IAM/Boeing Joint Programs are widely recognized as a premier example of labor management cooperation. Together, the International Association of Machinists and The Boeing Company have forged a new era in labor/management relations built upon the principle of "Working Together" and accomplishing mutual objectives.

One goal of the programs is to effectively communicate the programs and services to the corporation, management, and the employees. The internet provided an ideal solution for consolidating the presentation of content and information from diverse sources and communicating more quickly with a widely dispersed audience of more than 50,000 machinists represented by the IAM at seven Boeing facilities in three states.

Many people who use the site are not familiar with elaborate websites or intricate navigation systems, so the design had to be simple and consistent. The site also had to be accessible on both the Internet and from within the firewalls of the Boeing Web, the largest intranet in the world.

Since bandwidth was of major concern, the site uses simple graphics that accentuate and activate the site without interfering with its operation. Navigation is primarily accomplished using text to quickly guide inexperienced users to information. This consistency and simple layout results in a site that can be used and enjoyed by people of any experience level and with any browser or connection speed.