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Concept/Design: Richard Bodien
Program Manager: Mark Huseby
Administrator: Charles Wetmore

A goal of the IAM/Boeing Quality Through Training Program is to provide information on jobs to employees and career advisors.

The intranet provides an ideal solution for consolidating the presentation of content and information from diverse sources . . . and communicating more quickly with a widely dispersed audience.

The primary audience is more than 50,000 machinists represented by the IAM at seven Boeing facilities in three states.

Many people who use the site are not familiar with elaborate websites or intricate navigation systems, so the design had to be simple and consistent.

The site also had to be secure within the firewalls of the Boeing Web, the largest intranet in the world.

Navigation is primarily accomplished using text to quickly guide inexperienced users to information. Javascript, Active Server Pages and SQL are then employed to search and select the Career Guides.

This consistency and simple layout results in a site that can be used and enjoyed by people of any experience level on a variety of version 3.0 browsers and later.